The Next-Generation Pad For Web3 Projects.

We're building a permissionless fundraising economy and fostering adoption of web3 projects with potential on the Aleph Zero network.

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We're 100% community-

What's a decentralized protocol without a fully-involved community in its affairs? With our permissionless fundraising model, we offer our investors an avenue to choose what projects they want to work with at any point in time, right after leveraging our KYC process.

Why HaywirePad?


We are candid about safety of our investors, hence we conduct KYC for potential projects to be listed on our protocol.


After KYC, the community is able to decide on if they want to proceed with a fundraising round for any of the projects listed on our protocol.


HaywirePad offers a low-risk state-of-the-art staking functionality for the investors of the protocol to earn passive income, having attractive APY.


With a total supply of 500 million, $HWR is the official utility token of the HaywirePad platform and will offer its holders exclusive benefits and access to its amazing features.
Note that the private sale and public sale tokens will be released daily for a period of 60 days, while airdrop tokens will be released 2 months after launch.


  • Development of Landing page
  • Private sale
  • Airdrop campaigns & initial marketing
  • Public Sale
  • Development of fundraising dApp
  • Development of Staking dApp
  • Launch of $HWR token
  • Mainnet launch

Getting funding for your next big idea isn't easier!

Submit KYC

The first step involves submitting project's KYC information & details for review by the internal team.

DAO voting/decision-making.

The community is able to make their decisions on which projects should be a part of the fundraising protocol or not via a permissionless model.

Access to funding.

Once the ICO period ends, the protocol grants the project owners access to the funds and deducts its commission upon disbursement.

Join our community!

Join our active community of web3 enthusiasts willing to be a part of the next big Aleph Zero project.